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18+ some Blog entries contain nudity


The consequence of serendipity is sometimes a brilliant discovery, or a happy bit of good fortune. On this photo shoot we were working on two completely different body paint projects. In between photographing each project we took a few minutes with both models together. They looked as if they were meant to be together as enchanted creatures in a mystical place.

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Black Magic Woman


“Black Magic Woman” body paint project was the result of an amazing collaboration between Leah Cuff makeup artist, model and myself. Photographing black on black has it’s challenges but the results were stunning.

It had been a year since the last time we worked together as Leah has been doing a lot of work on movies. As for myself, it is always special when given the opportunity to collaborate with creative people photographing something creative, artistic, and unique.

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Crystal Skeleton

As part of a Halloween body paint project at Look Studios we did a Crystal Skeleton theme. Working once again with the very talented Viktoriya Kammaeva we transformed this lovely woman Kayla into a character from the night “Dia de los Muertos” with body painted torso and a sugar skull theme.

After 5 hours of makeup and body paint, we brought the model into the studio to photograph. We even happened to have a snake on set as part of another shoot we were also doing that day and were able to incorporate the snake into the theme.

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zombie body paint project


Zombie pinup themed body paint project was the fifth collaboration between Look Studios and Viktoriya Kameneava, a wonderful young body paint artist from Russia now living in Vancouver.

The Zombie theme has been present in popular culture for sometime. Zombies were featured in Michael Jackson’s thriller and are common in may films, books and video games. It was inevitable with the recent increased popularity of Zombies in pop culture that Look Studios was involved in a Zombie photo shoot. Body paint is such a fascinating creative and collaborative process.

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Medusa body paint project

This was a collaboration with make up artist to test some effects for a future large body paint project based on the character Medusa from Greek Mythology.

This was a test to replicate scales, test colors etc. The plan is to create Medusa, with rubber snakes woven into her hair and a real 4 foot long snake as a prop. This will be a huge collaboration that will require 8-10 hours for makeup and hair.

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lingerie with a twist - body paint

This was a unique lingerie/body paint photo session requiring five hours of makeup and body paint. The model was photographed both in studio and then on location at Granville Island.

This was such a fun project, especially the work on location on the rooftop of the Waterfall building at Granville Island. The body paint by Sarah Burgeest and model was Paige Monroe, both of Vancouver.

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Graffiti body paint project

The current hot trend in the world of makeup artistry is body paint art projects. Look Studios most recent body paint collaboration was with Leah Cuff makeup artist. The theme was “Graffiti” with model was Cera Sabotage from Toronto.

It was another long day of makeup, body paint, and photography. The day of the project, the model flew in on the ‘red-eye’ from Toronto arriving at Vancouver airport at 9:00 a.m. and rushing down to Look Studios. Then Cera spent the next 5 hours standing while Leah did the airbrush and graffiti artwork, followed by an hour in the studio for the photography. All in all, a very long day for everyone involved, especially the model whose day began very early in Toronto.

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EROS 2011: Universe bodypaint


One of my two images that were in the 2011 EROS photo exhibition at the Photo Haus Gallery in Vancouver wast this image from the Miss Universe body paint project that I had worked on with a local makeup artist and body paint artist.

EROS is an annual Erotic Photography photo exhibition in Vancouver.

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Octopus's Garden body paint project

It is fun to work on creative and unique concepts. This was my second body paint collaboration with Viktoriya Kammaeva (a wonderful makeup / airbrush artist), and Carmen (fine-art nude and figure model). The last project’s theme was the “Planets or Universe”, this it was the “Ocean” . The inspiration came from the small “Blue Ringed Octopus” that becomes bright yellow when agitated. The airbrush and detail work required 4 hours to complete and about 45 minutes to do the photography. I’m looking forward to working with Viktoriya on more body paint projects.

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universe body paint project


This project began with a simple sketch for an artistic body paint project consisting of planets of our solar system. Working with Viktoriya Kammaeva (a very talented makeup artist) an outstanding figure model, the whole project came together at Look Studios. Makeup and body paint took 5 hours to complete and about 45 minutes to shoot approximately 350 images.

Overall it was a great collaboration between model, makeup artist and photographer. It is always such a pleasure to work with creative people on unique and interesting projects. Being engaged in a creative process is so rewarding when it all comes together and produces something exceptional.

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