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fitness / body building

photographing male fitness / body builders

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Photographing men presents its own unique challenges requiring a different approach then photographing women in the studio.

When photographing women the goal of lighting, posing, editing and retouching is to capture femininity in a manner that is tasteful and elegant. Photographing men, especially those who want to focus on fitness, muscles and tone, requires grittier lighting technique and photo editing to bring out the masculinity the client is wanting to portray.

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Fitness modeling and photo sessions

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A recent trend at Look Studios has been increasing requests from clients wishing to have a personal fitness photo session. Over the past few months, Look Studios has conducted a flurry of fitness photo shoots with women and men into fitness, body building, and fitness competitions.

The latest fitness photo session I did was with a woman in her mid 50’s who has just recently taken up fitness competition. The beauty of studio lighting is the ability to use light to accentuate form of the muscles and firm tone of the body.

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photograhing fitness model & body builder


Photographing female fitness models is all about accentuating definition of muscles. Recently I photographing a fitness model in her 40’s just prior to the provincial championships. She is returning to fitness competition after a two years off.

Fitness models photo sessions provide a challenge, rather than photographing a woman with a soft and feminine look. Fitness models and body builders requires strong dynamic lighting techniques and photo editing to accentuate muscles.

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