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model-photographer relationship

shoot, cricique, reshoot - how to improve your work

2012-04-Trapped-conceptThe two images above are an example of ‘shoot, review and critique your work, then reshoot’. At one of our recent photo workshops, we were working with a model inside a tube of fabric exploring the concept of ‘one’s inner self trapped and trying to express itself’.

On Saturday (image on left) we experimented with the basic concept and were pleased with the results. After reviewing and critiquing our work, we re-approached the concept on Sunday (right) with small lighting changes and new direction for the model. Same concept, same studio, same photographers, and two different effects. The end result was two sets of images that have a distinctly different look and feel. Shoot, review your work with a critical eye and don’t be afraid to go back and reshoot to improve/change it.

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why models need professional photographers


Models need to invest in working with professional photographers to build a quality modelling portfolio. The modelling portfolio is the gateway to agencies and potential clients. However, the taking of the photo is only first half of the battle, the real magic occurs in the post processing. In the post production we smooth out the skin and add punch to the image. Images in a modelling portfolio have to have impact.

Creating quality images is an elaborate process beginning with professional hair and makeup, time in the studio or on location, and retouching in post production. In these examples we show base unedited photo followed by the retouched image.

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the truth about being a pro-hotographer

truth about pro-photography

Here is a rather amusing thing I found that shows what professional photographers really do with their time. Most of a photographers time is not spent with a camera in their hands. This image I found on the Swiss Miss website.