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18+ some Blog entries contain nudity

Her eyes, they shone like diamonds...


Creating images for a model’s portfolio often provides fun challenges for makeup artist and photographer. Models often bring unique concepts they want to us to help them to create.

For example, this model wanted her “eyes to shine like diamonds”. So the make up artist glued small diamonds to the end of her eye lashes.

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A dog's best friend


Lucky Dog…

As a professional photographer, expect the unexcited. For example, when a brings her dog to a lingerie shoot to create new images for her modeling portfolio.

At the end of a boudoir lingerie studio session, the model asked if she could have a few photos of her and her dog. This implied nude portrait of a woman and her Chihuahua was the result.

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Heavy Metal

Heavy metal music and trains. When I was asked to take photos of Susie Myers, lead singer of the heavy metal band “Over the Coals”, I wanted to shoot her in front of some heavy metal and chose an old steam train as backdrop. The image is for a fundraiser calendar featuring artists who performing in the annual Armstrong MetalFest this summer.

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Retro glamour portrait


A recent client wanted to have a retro glamour black & white portrait done in the style of classic 1950’s Hollywood.

Retro portrait is much like classic pinup, it requires attention to detail including period style makeup, hair style, fashion, and props. Classic studio lighting and working in traditional Black & White is also essential for that classic look. Over a couple of hours we worked together to create a series of classic portraits.

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why models need professional photographers


Models need to invest in working with professional photographers to build a quality modelling portfolio. The modelling portfolio is the gateway to agencies and potential clients. However, the taking of the photo is only first half of the battle, the real magic occurs in the post processing. In the post production we smooth out the skin and add punch to the image. Images in a modelling portfolio have to have impact.

Creating quality images is an elaborate process beginning with professional hair and makeup, time in the studio or on location, and retouching in post production. In these examples we show base unedited photo followed by the retouched image.

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modeling portfolio photo session

This recent photo shoot was a great reminder how fun it is to help women interested in pursuing their interest in modelling with a dedicated modelling portfolio photo session. We provide a fully professional photo studio experience to create high quality professional images. A dedicated portfolio photo session involves working with professional makeup artist and hair stylist

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Creating the 'Look' for a model's portfolio


How to create ‘a look’ for a model’s portfolio.
The process begins with a model, then add professional makeup and hair stylist, studio lighting, and photo editing in post production.

Creating images for modelling portfolios is part of the magic of being a photographer.

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