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Thank you So much for asking me to accompany you and Dana in the Squamish photo-shoot.

I had a blast, and am extremely happy with the turnout of the images! They exceeded my expectations!

I hope to work with you again in the near future:)



Great to work with you again! Impressed again at the quality of the images and the short amount of time it took afterwards to get the photos. Thanks for letting me try out some odd ideas. Let's shoot again sometime,


Cristina (Ballet Jorgen)


Thanks Garry:
I shared the pictures with the director, he loved them. He wants to make one of them the “picture of the day” on our website.
Thanks so much for making today enjoyable… The photos are great… I can't wait to come back in February... I'm cool with any of them being on your blog.
Thanks again

Cristina Grazian (Principle dancer, Ballet Jorgen)